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Filemaker Trial

To try Filemaker 11 free for 30 days, visit The Filemaker Trial page. You'll be soon ready to test drive our demo files!

Unique Solutions

We have worked on many unique projects over the years, give us a call to discuss how your business logic could thrive in a database.

Time to Try it Yourself

If you already own and have the Filemaker Application installed, click on one of the Filemaker files above to download them. The files work fine on both the Macintosh and PC platforms. Filemaker 11 is the latest and greatest of course, but versions 9 and 10 should be adequate as well. Filemaker versions 8 and 7 are somewhat dated now, nevertheless they work for simple files and solutions.

To view our demos prior to purchasing Filemaker Pro, download Filemaker 11 and use it free for 30 days. Just click on this link:

If you intend to use one of our Custom Database Solutions without buying the Filemaker application from Filemaker, Inc. (only recommended for basic single-user setups), then please contact us. After you have purchased our Solution file, we will prepare a runtime version for you. Your experience will be similar to using the Custom Filemaker Solution under the Filemaker application.

Cross Platform Compatibility

FileMaker Pro is a fully cross-platform multi-user networked software program that is available for both Windows and Mac OSX. For a Runtime Demo that runs on the Macintosh Platforms without the Filemaker Application, please contact us.