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Unique Solutions

We have worked on many unique projects over the years, give us a call to discuss how your business logic could thrive in a database.

Preparation Helps
Knowing what you want is the best way to save money. We suggest that you prepare planned features in writing.

Gigs Management Database - List View

The Gigs Management database List View is optimized for managing many records at once. Band leaders and agents can sort records by header fields, filter the list by location, instrument and other fields, or restrict the Found Set by applying a beginning and ending date. A push of a button jumps to related Events, Contacts, Musicians, Venues, Call Logs or To Do Lists, and reports of past events can compare expenses to facilitate future planning. An unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers and e-mails can be associated with each Contact and Musician.

Send Letters to Musicians and Clients

Send Letters to Clients and Musicians directly from the Custom Filemaker Gig Management system (without using an e-mail program) and attach Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents as desired. Ask about your Musicians' availability via e-mail with just a few clicks and let them enter their responses via a Custom Filemaker Web Form. It will save you a lot of time so that you can get on with anything else you need to do, like renewing your O2 contract or catching up with friends over a meal.

The optional reports of past events provide analysis and comparison that would take many times longer if done manually, for example in Excel.