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Custom Features
We'd be happy to integrate your work and ideas with our professionally built solutions.
Track Record

Over the years we have completed many projects, too many to list here. Give us a call to discuss how your business can benefit from a Custom Filemaker database.

Preparation Helps
We usually spend 25% of our time discussing database features and 75% building your solution. To preserve or improve this ratio, we suggest that you prepare a written list of specifications.

The Gig Management System - Main View

If you ever find yourself spending more time managing your gigs than practicing your instrument, it is time for the Custom Filemaker Gig Management program. Feature rich yet simple enough to be user friendly, the Custom Filemaker Gig Management program tracks Events, Gigs, Contacts and Musicians. The Call Logs, To Do Lists and reminder scripts make it easy to keep upcoming Gigs under control.

Store an unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers and e-mails associated with each Contact and Musician. Maintain a customized and editable list of Instruments, Genres, start and end times for cocktails and the main event alike. Track deposits and payments with their respective dates.

View all Asked Musicians on one tab, pick them from a priority list, show all Booked Musicians on yet another tab. Track Event histories, budgets, clients' payments and venue settings all under one umbrella.

Generate Contracts Automatically

Enter your basic Contract language on a customizable boiler plate layout of the Custom Filemaker Gig Management System. Populate the Gig you are working on with text using a single click, add instruments, preferred genres, prices, deposits and other parameters, press Preview and your Client Letter is ready to go.

The Client Agreement is saved in an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document, which is automatically attached to the e-mail that just opened up with the Gig Name as the subject and the client's e-mail as the recipient.

Ask about your Musicians' availability via e-mail, insert frequent phrases by the push of button into the body section, then sit back and relax. They will enter their responses via a Custom Filemaker Web Form directly into the Custom Filemaker Gig Management database.